From Rookies to Rockstars

Our client George Mienie, Auto Trader CEO,  recently attended an interview with the gorgeous Jade Reinertsen on the Rookies and Rockstars show, CliffCentral. Catch the PodCast on iTunes.        

The Business of Exhibitions

Our gratitude goes out to the charming Business Editor for the Witness (Durban edition) who interviewed our client Andy King regarding his business, Conker Exhibitions. We particularly love the title!

Connect people and ideas

In line with our agency mantra connect people and ideas, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to offer bloggers insight to the world of PR. All in the name of sharing and caring. Read Blogging Like a Boss, on our favourite blog spot, SA Bloggers. As always, big thanks to Sandy for giving us the opportunity.

Writing for SA Bloggers

We feel privileged to have been invited to write for the South African Bloggers website. We first met founder Sandy Nene in May this year. He is such an inspiration to us, as well as many young South Africans. He’s full of ideas, energy and a good spoonful of entrepreneurial spirit. We couldn’t resist saying ‘yes!’ when he asked us to write for him. We decided to share some of our PR learnings, in order to help his followers skill-up in this age old art. Hope you enjoy the read: Wannabe, a PR Rockstar? P.S. the photo will make sense once you’ve read the article… Drop us a line on Twitter and let us know what you think?  

Fan Favourite

In 2012 we were awarded the Durban Motor Show social media account. The fan numbers were low (210 odd). Our objective was to swell the community, create chatter, and support the relaunch of the show following a 3 year hiatus. Fast forward 2 1/2 years and we’re proudly managing all of Conker Exhibitions and H&G Exhibitions social platforms. What started off as a community of no more than 500 fans, has now grown to over 28,000 people. For provincial shows, on once a year, for a couple of days…we think it’s pretty good.           

Reasons to be Proud

We were delighted to be approached by the founder of SA Good News to support the growth of his already impressive fan base on Facebook and Twitter. To call us patriotic is an understatement. The words ‘Proudly South African’ can be found inked somewhere, on someone in the team, we’re sure of it. We could not say no to an opportunity to help South Africans, locally and abroad, remember and celebrate all the great things about this beautiful country.  

It’s a wo-man’s world

We tracked down four inspiring women who have succeeded in business positions once considered the preserve of men. The activity was to support the launch of the new ladies work shoe by Beier Safety Footwear, called Sisi. Thanks to Conversation Lab who gave us the opportunity to work with them on this brand. We loved the Big Swing experience with Tracey; the Durban Harbour tour with Tug Boat Fleet Manager Xoliswe; the engineering insight with Jeshika; and finally the site tour with a then very pregnant, Site Manager, Cara.  

Minnie & Me

Our founder Michelle Lewis spent some time with the glamorous Minnie Dlamini at the Beier Safety Footwear event organised by Conversation Lab. The innovative KZN business launched the new Sisi range of footwear which is made specifically for the female foot. We were tasked with inviting and hosting some of South Africa’s top journalists at the event, some of which flew in specifically for the launch. Daily Post journalist Robert Jean-Jacques, all the way from Cape Town.  

Talking Numbers with SupaDrift

The first year we worked with the SupaDrift crew to get the press talking about them, we landed racking up R5,9 million worth of press coverage (AVE, 2013). If we were to do the horrible sum of multiplying this number by ten gazillion to get the PR value, it would be even more impressive!  This year, mid-year results match this number, and by November 2014 press coverage is expected to exceed R12 million. We think our Clients and their sponsors are going to be pleased. Now, where’s the close button on that spreadsheet….      

It’s a first!

Yes, we’re going to boast. We secured the first ever drift event to take place in Durban City. In November 2012 we turned a City run car park in to a motor wonder world with the SupaDrift crew. The event was part of the Durban Motor Show, managed by Jawbone.  Over 12,000 people attended that year. To say we were pleased is an understatement.