Personal Profiling

In 2011 Trevor Kleinhans took the brave step of publishing his deepest, darkest secrets in his book titled Secrets Make You Sick. Initial interest captured the attention of KZN. By 2012 the hype was slowly subsiding, along with book sales. Trevor hired our services to establish a brand for Secrets Make You Sick, and to promote Trevor as an influential spokesperson in the categories of HIV awareness, sexual abuse, and addiction.

We started by first developing a suite of beautiful and enlightening supporting material. One of which we’re particularly proud, is the trailer of his book. We commissioned the incredibly talented Shelly Nel for the job. With the ground work complete, we moved on to raising Trevor’s profile, using public relations and social media to drive word of mouth for his book and to give Trevor’s voice credibility. Being the results driven bunch that we are, amoungst the many achievements secured on Trevor’s behalf since 2012, a handful of the ones we’re most proud of can be seen below.